Food Revolution

Although nothing is quite as cute as an alpaca I may have begun to shift my focus to Pygora goats. They just may be the best of all worlds! Pygora goats are a cross between pygmy goats and Angora goats. They give milk and fiber and those with bad genetics ultimately give meat. Joel and I are going to visit some Pygora goat breeders in Kirkland Illinois (hopefully this weekend).

The more I read/interact about/with farms/farmers the more I think our nation needs a food revolution. Although I do believe that regulations of some types are good I am constantly surprised by how stupid our government thinks we are. Raw milk is still illegal in many states (including WI). I am baffled that if I, an intelligent and capable adult, would like to purchase raw milk from my neighbors whose goats/cows I am familiar with and have been routinely tested for disease, I can’t. It is illegal in the state of WI and many other states. Raw milk CAN be dangerous. And I certainly would NEVER purchase raw milk from a confinement dairy. But purchasing milk from a family farm where animals are regularly tested and vaccinated? Especially considering that raw milk has many more nutrients and vitamins then pasteurized milk. The pasteurization process DOES kill bacteria, if it is present, but it also kills a lot of the good stuff in milk. The thing that shocks me is that I am not allowed to make this decision for myself. The state of WI does not think I am smart enough to weigh the pros and cons and make my own decisions.

I do believe the United States desperately needs a food revolution. I believe food must become more local, more seasonal (when possible), more sustainable and less toxic. Starting June 21st I plan on starting my own, small yet passionate food revolution in Stoughton, WI. And I want you to join me.


One response to “Food Revolution

  1. I will not be joining your food revolution, but I am right with you on most of this. I drink raw milk from my own goats. I do not sell it, nor do I serve it to anyone but myself. I trust the small farmer much more than I do the large commercial confinement operations. Good luck with your plans!

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