As the days get colder, so do the mice. And it was only a matter of time before the mice realized we keep our house quite warm. We noticed mouse calling cards, at first, and then food that had been nibbled.

I suppose mice are a fact of country life.

Another fact is that we needed a cat.

Joel and I went to Angel’s Wish in Madison, WI (whom I recommend highly) with the intention of purchasing one kitten. I had fell in love with a jet black kitten named Star from her Petfinder profile which said she was good with dogs. Sansa is a member of my family,  despite her canine lineage, so we wanted to take her happiness into consideration. But Star wasn’t there! So we started looking around for other kittens who got along with dogs.

We had thought we were only going to get one kitten but somewhere along the way we were convinced that everyone in our family would be happier if we had two. So we brought home Starbuck(named after Battlestar Galatica by us) and Bella (named by her foster mom.) They are sisters and about 5 months old.

Both Joel and I have had cats growing up but I had really forgotten how much different they are from dogs since I have not had one in years. It is remarkable how they only want to be pet when I am typing, reading, going to the bathroom or otherwise occupied. When I am sitting on the couch, or watching a video they want nothing to do with me of course.


2 responses to “Kittens

  1. Adorable!! And I wholeheartedly agree that 2 are better than 1 – for you and for the kittehs. Hopefully they are good hunters for you!

  2. They are soooo adorable! and of course 2 are better than 1 😉

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