The country is a strange place.

You feel so secluded, until the weirdos start showing up at your door. We have a long driveway so we almost always see people coming before we hear the knock. We’ve had religious zealots telling tales of the apocalypse, bearded men in trucks looking to buy horses, and a car full with the hearing impaired searching for someone to practice sign language with. These experiences have all been strange, but none of them have upset me.

The man who came to the door two days ago upset me. He came tearing down our driveway in his huge Dodge Ram, practically jumping out of the car before it was even parked in the driveway. Without missing a beat he knocked on the door and quickly, if not eloquently, explained that he was from Utica, (next township over) and had shot at a coyote and missed.  He was now chasing it with his dogs to kill it and sell its pelt.

Joel and I were a bit stunned. We asked why he was chasing the coyote. He replied that they killed deer and pheasants. We asked if it had been harassing any livestock and he said no. We told him politely that we understood that coyotes could be a bothersome and that sometimes shooting them might be understandable but that we did not approve of chasing an animal for miles with dogs. Killing a coyote that bothers your livestock may be prudent,  chasing a coyote for miles with dogs just seems cruel.

It always amazes me how deaf people are to nature and its cycles. Yes, Joel and I have farm animals. The coyotes have not harassed them yet but they may harasses them in the future. I recognize that. I understand that. But the coyote also keeps the deer population down and the deers eat our garden. The coyotes eat the rats and the mice and other rodents that can spread disease to our animals. They serve a purpose, and at times, their purpose overlaps with my own. Some day, I might have to deal with one but I’m not going to chase it across the county screaming for its blood. When it comes to damages and anger I have better things to hate. I save my anger, my hate, and my disgust for those that deserve to be chased through the streets with dogs: corrupt politicians, rapists, top executives at BP ect, ect.

Coyotes, they are just doing what nature intended for them to do. They might piss me off sometimes, but they always have my respect.


One response to “Coyotes

  1. sounds like the guy was CA-RAY-ZEE.

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