Snow Day!

It really doesn’t matter how old I get I still view a snow day as a day of relaxation. No work allowed!

(We had a little work wading through the 3-4 foot snow drifts to feed and water our animals but that doesn’t count as work because we had to do it.)

I finished my first knitting project. It isn’t beautiful but I fed the rabbit it came from, harvested her wool, spun her wool into yarn and then knit that yarn into the scarf so I am quite proud of it. Angora rabbits shed their wool four times a year just like a big hairy dog. As long as they are in molt it does not hurt them to have their wool gently plucked. Because the process is natural they have their new coat growing underneath so they have enough wool still on their body to keep them warm.


I also finished spinning one of the beautiful skeins of dyed Merino Joel bought me for Christmas. Merino wool has the lowest micron count, on average, of any wool so it is the softest.Β  I am thinking I shall make it into a hat.





12 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. That yarn is beautiful!!

    There’s a new beauty thing where women pay to have individual mink hairs glued into their natural eyelashes. The hairs come from brushing minks and hand-selecting the best ones, which is both humane and really silly-sounding! But kinda cool.

  2. Looks beautiful, Erica! Sounds like a quiet day for you on the farmstead. Our pig just happens to be inside, making it not-so-quiet on our fake farmstead. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and my guess is that with 3-4 ft drifts, you won’t see any crazy people on your drive today, nor will you see any coyotes bounding through the snow. All in all, should be a great day!

  3. beautiful works of art they are!

  4. awww beautiful. i know lots of people up here who would totally buy your humane bunny wool. let me know if you ever feel like selling it!

  5. Thats so exciting! The tarn you spun is beautiful and it must be amazing to be able to wear something you not only spun but cared for the animal it came from!
    Do you remember when I was little and used to make pillows for my dolls from cat hair? That was pretty weird… But this is cool. πŸ™‚

  6. Allison Schier

    I want to buy some! I’m going to learn how to knit! Beautiful!

  7. i LOVE your beautiful scarf! so proud of you for learning to knit (: I just looked around on your Web site for the first time and I am so impressed by every single word. ❀ congrats and good luck.

  8. just picked up a game of thrones from half priced books today… making it our book club selection for northdallasmommies this month. haha. I figured it’s like the hunger games for adults right? right. we’re going to go with that.

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