What’s in a name?

So, we have this farm, eh? Forty acres and no mule. Twenty acres in woods. Dogs, cats, chickens, angora rabbits and  a slew more rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese on their way in the next few months. But we don’t really have a name. Although its hard to name something you are still getting to know its also weird to not have a name for something that is slowly taking over your life.

Here are our considerations.

1. Solge Farm.


It is a blend of Joel and my last names

Other farms are doing it so having a weird name must not be an instant death sentence

Sol means the sun so we could use that on the emblem

It sounds kinda gross when you say it out loud

People will not instantly be able to pronounce it

2. Sansa Farm or even maybe Sweet Sansa Farm


We will have plenty of reasons to make various artistic representations of our sweet dog, Sansa.

Everyone loves Sansa

I love this name best of all



3. Four Legs Good Farm


My rabbitry is already named Four Legs Good farm and registered with the ARBA

References to George Orwell’s Animal Farm are awesome (Two legs bad, four legs good!)

Four legs are pretty damn cool


Joel does not like it for some reason

Maybe to long

Too awesome to handle for some people

4. Solis-Helge farm or Helge-Solis farm


Both of our names



5. Ancient Oaks Farm


We have twenty acres of awesome woods with some very old oaks

I like the name and so does Joel


Another farmer already has it and there could be legal trouble down the line


3 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. I like Sansa Farms. I am 100% supportive of naming things after pets!

  2. Helios Farms! It sounds like both of your names, means the same thing as Solis, and lends itself well to cute logos!
    I also like Sweet Sansa Farms (also cute logo included) and Four Legs Good Farms.

  3. four legs good farm… classic! love it.

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