March 29th 2011

I would like to dedicate this entry of mostly pictures to my sweet dog Chani. We got her when I was in high school and we shared a house for many years. She had more personality then most people do, and she was the only dog Sansa ever made friends with. She will be missed.

Joel feeding chickens.

Baby chicks! They came in the mail! Wild, I know. We will be getting a few more different varieties soon for a total of 330! Oh, my!

The new poultry house we bought for this season. The house can be moved about with a tractor so the chickens get fresh grass to eat and their manure doesn’t get concentrated in one area. We will be making one more very similar to it in the upcoming weeks. Let me know if you want to help!

31 eggs yesterday from 36 hens. Daaaaaamn, Gina.


3 responses to “March 29th 2011

  1. Oh, no! Poor Chani. I’m so sorry to hear about that. She was a really sweet dog.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about Chani. 😦
    I completely heart this blog and think it is completely amazing and awesome that you guys have been able to get things going so quickly.

  3. Chani will be dearly missed.

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