Last week we got Chanticlers (Dual purpose from Canada) and Cornish (meat) in the mail. They already look so big! The Cornish are a bit feisty.

Yesterday morning we got 12 Pekin ducks and 12 Embden geese. The geese are so gigantic it is difficult to hold them in one hand. They are only one day older then the bantams picture below.

The ducks love getting water everywhere. This one has it all over his face.

We also got 25 bantam chicks. Half of them are silkies. Silkies might be the coolest breed ever.  They have fluffy feathers, five toes, black skin, bones and flesh as well as blue earlobes and beaks. They are notoriously good mothers who have been known to hatch duck eggs as happily as they would hatch their own. The following pictures are of a buff silkie and a black silkie.

We also got a few Sebright and Old English Bantams for funsies.

Tomorrow we will be getting about 125 heritage egg layers and freedom rangers (meat). If you don’t hear from me so I will it might be because I drowned in baby chicks.


4 responses to “Poultry!

  1. lickthebowlclean

    Erica, those chicks are adorable! Can we make some quiche or something next month when I visit?

  2. How is the farm?? and the babies??

  3. Can’t wait to meet some of those little critters!

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