Growing Up

Everything is growing at Emancipation Acres! Joel and I have been very busy making new animal enclosures, planting, doing general farm maintenance and getting ready for our marriage which will take place on the farm. Things are growing to the point that we need help. We are currently hiring and if you are interested, or know someone that might be interested please email me at The work is hard, but rewarding. The pay is ten dollars an hour and the hours and dates are flexible.

Our baby chicks aren’t even babies anymore. They are not full sized either but they have feathered out and are looking stunning. This is a Delaware. So far they are my favorite of the heritage egg layers because of their curiosity and verve. They are always the first to explore a new area or try a new food.

This is a Sebright. It is probably our most beautiful chicken although it is more of a pet than an egg layer because of its very small size. I really love their coloring a lot.

This little silkie is strutting her stuff.

Everyone was so much easier to photograph when I could hold them in the palm of my hand…

The geese love to do weird things…like attack their bumper reflections. They also chewed the accord symbol off the back of my car. Thanks, guys.

Sansa loves sleeping on top of my purse. She gives me a hurt look whenever I pull it out from under her.


One response to “Growing Up

  1. Juanita Solis-Ornelas

    I have read almost everything and I love reading everything you write, you describe things so vividly, you make me laugh so much as I visualize the events that have taken place. Keep writing your vivid accounts

    Juanita Solis-Ornelas

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