French Angora Rabbits for Sale in Wisconsin

I currently have 10 french angora juniors for sale. I have five black bucks, two white bucks, and three white does for sale. The mother of the black bucks has very nice wool that seems to resist matting more than my other rabbits. The black bucks seem to have inherited this trait from their mother. The babies were born on May 9th/10th. I will be driving to the Michigan Fiber Fest next week and am almost certainly going to the Misty Hills rabbit show next month in Dodgeville, WI. I would be happy to transport a rabbit to either of these events.  Rabbits come unaltered but would be happiest and healthiest spayed/neutered if going to a pet home.

If you are interested in a rabbit please tell me a bit about yourself and any family members or roommates that would be in contact with the rabbit, why you want a rabbit, what other types of pets you have had/currently have, where and with whom your rabbit would live, how the rabbit would get exercise, and what books/websites/yahoo groups you have read to prepare for a rabbit.

My rabbits currently roam free in a sex segregated colony setting. They are able to make friendships, socialize, and engage in rabbit behavior such as burrowing. A bonded pair of does, or pair from the same litter can often get along. Two males will fight bitterly unless neutered. A male and a female living together should always be spayed/neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancy.


27 responses to “French Angora Rabbits for Sale in Wisconsin

  1. Hi. My husband & I live on a small dairy farm in Kaukauna, WI. We have 5 children ages 17 down to 9 years. Our youngest daughter, who is 11, has 2 French Angora does who are 6 months old. These started out to just be a 4-H project, but since we have gotten these bunnies Rachel has joined the ARBA and the WSRBA and has started showing her bunnies at some rabbit shows. We are thinking about breeding at least one of them, especially since Rachel loves her bunnies so and takes such good care of them. I am wondering if yours are pedigreed. If so, we may be interested in a buck. Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Hi, do you have any bunnies for sale at this time? I am interested in purchasing a couple of does. thanks cmurphy

  3. and I should also say that I have a nice hutch and outdoor play area where they can put their feet on the ground and have some room for funning
    . I have had them before and do really like them. They will mostly live outside unless it is too hot or cold and we have one cat and two adults and a nice large yard and garden thanks cmurphy

  4. Hello, I am emailing to inquire if you have anymore rabbits for sale. If so please email me at

    Thank you,


    • Hey I would love a white doe I am the same Katy as above and all is the same except that we are hoping to build a 8 ft by 6ft greenhouse that the bunnies could also live in next winter if that proves to be warmer than the hutch. I can drive up this week and pick a bunny up if that would work for you. Thanks katy

  5. JoAnne Lehman

    Hi… We have an almost-eight-week-old REW buck french angora looking for a home. His brothers and his one sister, as well as his sable mom, are all spoken for, but I just came across this page and see that you had people on a waiting list in Spring 2013. If you want to put anyone in touch with me, feel free to send them to the Facebook page for ZWERG ACRES URBAN FARM. (southcentral WI)

  6. Hello
    Do you have any French Angora’s for sale now?
    Thanks Lisa Lisk

  7. How much are you selling the black bucks for

  8. I am looking for Fr Angora for Fiber and breeding. I currently own two Fr Does and would like to have some kits to raise with my Grandkids who are 6 and 8. Not to mention the fact that I love them, the rabbits , and are mainly for me. I let my rabbits out daily weather permitting , but they are caged at night. They get pellets and hay and rabbit approved treats . Next year I am planting a rabbit treat garden for them. Their names are Nora and Nibbles. Both are a beautiful light brown with dark faces. Interested to hear what you have available

  9. I am interested in giving a loving home to a couple of giant angora rabbits so that I can have some of my own home grown fiber to spin. I am not sure if you raise the giants. I am not a face book person so please contact me by email or by phone /text -708-502-3120.

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