Adventures in Food Dehydrating

I didn’t plant nearly the garden I had hoped for, but thanks to the awesome seed starts from Blue Moon Community Farm, the plants I do have are growing like gangbusters. I’m in a weird position where I have more tomatoes and peppers than I can eat fresh, but not enough product to sell at a farmer’s market. I have already done some successful experimenting with freezing but have read that peppers often turn bitter when frozen. So I have decided to try my hand at dehydrating.

When dehydrating you want to cut pieces as close to the same size as possible to ensure even dehydrating. Its also a good idea not to mix stinky, strong smelling foods with mild or non-stinky foods because smells and tastes can transfer in the drying process.Soaking the food in a water bath with a little bit of lemon juice before putting it in the food dehydrator can help retain natural color.

Green Peppers

I also had purple bell peppers. They have a slightly different taste and are still green on the inside. For some reason they seemed to be much more disease prone then the other peppers so I doubt I will plant them next year. They do add a lot of fun color though.

I love having nice big slices of tomato on my pizza and thought these might work well for that.

The finished products!

Bunnies take care of the scraps!The picture is so blurry because they jumped on those pepper tops really fast. Rabbits love greens.

I bought a pressure cooker and canning supplies on today and am looking forward to making pineapple salsa/every other type of salsa under the sun.

UNRELATED QUESTION: Does anyone know how to add ads to the blog to create revenue? Thanks!


2 responses to “Adventures in Food Dehydrating

  1. I’m so jealous that you have a dehydrator! You should use it to make kale chips- I make mine in the oven and usually burn them… oops! What do you plan on doing with the peppers?
    As for ads… I’m not sure about all ads, but for many you have to have your own site. I tried to sign up to allow ads from foodbuzz and it said you couldn’t do it if your blog was hosted by another site.

  2. Love the site and the posts!! This may help you with the ads:

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