Drogo is getting bigger and bigger. House training is ongoing. The geese hate him/everybody/everything that isn’t one of them or grain. Sansa is starting to play games of tug with him. Drogo is starting to learn that Sansa will tolerate a lot but she won’t tolerate anyone stealing her Jolly ball. Some things in this world are sacred after all, even to doggies.

Learning to sit. Down and heel are so-so. Stay is still non-existent.

Maybe if I lick her she will give me the toy?

Sansa is not swayed by sweet kisses.

Joel and I picked our biggest harvest yet.

While we were loading up the counter one of the hot banana peppers fell on the ground. It lay their unnoticed by Joel and I as we stood admiring our gorgeous tomatoes and luscious peppers. Drogo eats anything on the ground no matter how unpalatable. When he tried to eat this pepper he got really mad at it for tasting bad. I give him points for tenacity. This video has me cracking up in the background, but if you can ignore that it is amusing.


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  1. Hahahaha I loved the video! Your harvest looks impressive too! I wish you could bring the doggies on your visit!

  2. Excited to meet him!! And steal one of your tomatoes. 😉

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