I’ve been pretty busy the past few months (which is good) and the blog has been neglected (which is bad.) I am going to try to start posting at least once a week.

Drogo is only twenty pounds lighter than Sansa now! He is going to be a big boy. I am guessing in the 125 lbs range. Look at those long legs! He is learning “stay” and it is going okay. His progress with “don’t eat chicken poop” is negligible.

Sansa and Bella are still in love.  Bella’s sister Starbuck (Battlestar, not coffee) decided to come back to the house after a two month hiatus. The number of dead chipmunks in the yard has increased because of this. Drogo is thrilled. His current goal in life appears to be to roll in dead chipmunk and feces before we can catch him and hose him off. Sansa, ever a lady, does not indulge in such activities.

In mid-August I had my second set of rabbit litters. They are much bigger now, but the baby pictures are quite cute. My rabbits live in a colony. They give birth in the colony. They make their nests underneath one half of a dog crate. The moms pull out hair from their stomach and sides to line the nest to keep the babies warm.

Esperanza is the best mom, with the nicest wool. She is keeping her eye on me while I count her babies and check to see that everyone is healthy.

This little dude is only a few days old. His hair is just starting to come in.

This little cutie will turn out to be ruby eyed white. I adore her tiny tail.

I purchased two new rabbits from the Michigan Fiber fest. This is Molly, she is a broken fawn. She was sheared a few weeks before the picture was taken. My other rabbit from the festival has proven hard to photograph. She is a beautiful agouti. I have not decided on a name for her yet.

I also rescued two does from the Upper Midwest Angora Rabbit Rescue (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Upper-Midwest-Angora-Rabbit-Rescue/160513737365456). A 4-Her got in a bit over her head with their grooming needs and passed them along to the Rabbit Rescue. Portia is a chinchilla and Ellen is black. I am so excited to have some chinchilla in my herd. They are in cages for thirty days during their quarantine period. They will join the rest of the colony in November.

We also got some ducks. The blacks are Cayugas (my favorites) and the other drake is an Appleyard. Next spring the babies will be a cute attack. Not to mention delicious!

The geese are still Joel’s babies. It is a love I may never understand! We will most likely have geese processed in time for Christmas. Leave a comment if you are interested in purchasing one.


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  1. i am so jealous of your baby rabbit snuggle opportunities.

  2. Hello, I enjoy your posts about your rabbits. I’m wondering if you did a rabbit grazing system ala Julie Engel last year? How did it work out? I’d like to liberate my rabbits from their hutches onto pasture and am wondering how to get started.
    thanks for any info

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