We have three ewe lambs living at a breeders until they get bred. They will come live with us in early December. The sheep living with us now are all ewe lambs from this season. Two of them are very, very friendly and beg for scratches and pats. We are working on names and open to suggestions!

When we first met these sheep this little one kept coming up and begging for pats. Joel and I feel in love with her and started calling her Freckles and the name stuck.

This one is my favorite color. She still needs a name.


We also got two whites.

Here is the other white. On the left is a fawn.

What should we name them?


5 responses to “SHEEEEEEEP!

  1. I love them! When can I come visit and cuddle them? I feel like one should be named Beatrice, but I’m not sure why. Is that from a book?
    Or if you’re looking for a more descriptive name… Fluffy. Lol.

  2. The fawn colored one should be Tawny and the white should be named Snow.

  3. The Black should be named Luna or something to do with the color, such as Ebony or Sapphire.

  4. I like Ebony, unfortunately we already named them! We do have a white getting bred for us named Snowflake:)

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