Making Stuff!

When I was in middle school I hated the way clothes fit and wished I could make my own. My mom bought be a cheap sewing machine for Christmas and I promptly got in over my head. I’ve never been wild about patience or math, and sewing is all about both. I bought fabric and patterns much to advanced for my level, tried a few things, got frustrated and quit.

For the past two months I’ve been trying to dream up ways to use the wool from my sheep that isn’t ideal for hand-spinning; namely the britch and belly wool and any second cuts or small pieces. I decided I wanted to make beds for my beloved pets. It would not matter if the wool was premium quality if it was being used as stuffing, and it would be all natural and cozy. So I bought a sewing machine on and got to work.

I washed the wool in the bathtub. It was a very dirty Merino cross with a lot of lanolin so I washed it three times. The first time I used a bit of Unicorn Power Scour. When washing wool it is important to not change the temperature of the water abruptly as well as to not move the wool around much to avoid felting.

Here is a picture of what the water looked like after the first rinse. The dark liquid is caused by the lanolin. Sadly, my camera choose this moment to die so this is my only photo of the process.

Here is the finished bed. I dried the wool on a towel with a fan and then fluffed and teased open the locks with my fingers. I figured it wasn’t worth carding the wool because it was just being used as stuffing for a bed pet.

Here is our new outdoor kitty, Susan, trying it out.

I also made a cover for Sansa’s bed that she already had. It has Robots!

Sansa says, “Stop messing around with that dumb machine and play Jolly Ball with me.”

Joel and I also made a topper for the truck so we can haul around sheep. I mostly just held stuff in place, but I did contribute some ideas as well.

This is how I found our new indoor kitty, Asha, this morning. What a lush.


5 responses to “Making Stuff!

  1. Nice job sewing! That is still on my list of things to learn… I love arts and crafts but hate anything that involves “machinery.” I love the last picture 🙂

  2. Your kitty looks very happy in her new bed! Great place to repose after a night of drinking. Sansa’s bed is also cool!

  3. sansa always wants to play jolly ball! that’s why i love her.

  4. Erica, good job on your sewing project! It looks like the beds will be appreciated.

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