Spring is on its way!

Today is windy and cold. Its hard to believe that in a month or so it will officially be spring! The proof is in the animals at Emancipation Acres. The ewes bellies are getting bigger and bigger, and they have started to move a bit slower and act a bit calmer. The first group will lamb around the end of March, and the next group will lamb about a month after that.

This morning Midnight had a surprise waiting for me in the nest box….eight wriggly kits! Five of them look like they are black, two look white, and the last one looks like it might be a blue or a lilac. When I went back this afternoon to snap a few pictures I saw one of the other rabbits pulling wool for her nest. I didn’t want to bother her so I’m not exactly sure who it was. Shaq is the father of both litters.

They don’t look to cute now but they will get a thin layer of hair in about a week, and by two weeks they will look adorable.

Here is a picture of the back end of the colony. The does kindle (give birth) under the dog crates. I like the dog crates way better than traditional nest boxes. When their are no kits, the does like to jump up on them, run inside them ect. When their are litters they give momma a place where she can feel secure and hidden. The air holes in the crate ensure good ventilation.

Look how big Drogo is getting! He makes Sansa look tiny.





7 responses to “Spring is on its way!

  1. i cannot even believe drogo is that big!!!!! holy crap!!! i want to snuggle those lil babers so hard. any chance anyone will be giving birth in june???

  2. I’m going to have to believe you that the bunnies will get that cute that fast. Also, WHAT CUTE PUPPIES YOU HAVE! Both so adorable.

    Do you have a photo album somewhere that you post everything you take, but don’t necessarily use here?

    • The bunnies get hair and grow very quickly! Its the only way they could ever survive in the wild because they are so vulnerable at this stage.

      This is basically where I put most my photos. I also have some on our farm’s facebook page which you can like at the top of the screen.

      Is there any pictures you are looking for in particular? I might be able to post some for you.

      • None in general, I just love that you’re doing this. BTW, this is Colleen/jonnie. I realized this has a different name than I usually use.

      • Oh! I did not realize it was you. Do you have a blog on here? I am having trouble seeing it if you do. I do have a lot more pictures on my hard drive. I can try to post more. I need to do more on this blog. Also, I will try to post more pictures on the Emancipation Acres facebook page.
        Thanks for reading! I wish Drogo and Sudo could have play date!

  3. Oh my goodness! How exciting!!

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