Baby Rabbit Pictures

Here are my two litters born on Sunday. They are already starting to get the barest amount of wool. As the wool grows I am discovering I may have some colors that are different from what I initially thought. It looks like I have a fawn (thought it was a white before based on skin color), a broken chocolate, and a chocolate. Fawn is a color I really enjoy, and I don’t have any chocolates so I am very pleased. Chocolate is just my best guess so far but it is some kind of brown for sure.

Molly kindled in the same area as Midnight. This is never happened before and I am guessing it is because she is a first time mother. I tried moving Molly’s nest but then she just kept going back and nursing Midnight’s babies and not her own. So I added Molly’s babies to Midnight’s nest. Now both Midnight and Molly nurse them. Molly’s babies are all brokens, except one white which I have marked with a sharpie so I can keep her pedigree straight.

Molly and Midnight’s babies.

Broken chocolate? He looks a bit light for chocolate but I am not sure what else he would be.

Broken Black

Chocolate? The flash is making the kit look a bit lighter than he is in reality.

Here are blackies babies. You can see the one I think is fawn on top.

Closer look at the fawn.


3 responses to “Baby Rabbit Pictures

  1. yay! they are all so adorable! I wish I was around so i could see them and learn about them from you in person!

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