Baby Rabbits Week Two

The rabbits are opening their eyes and moving about. I am having a major cute overload.

Sadly one of Molly’s litter and one of Midnight’s litter did not make it. My dad was visiting on Sunday and I took him out to see the kits only to find the little runt and one of the black and white kits still and cold. The rest of the kits had moved over and were huddled together in a different area. They had already moved on, quite literally. Rabbits only have eight to ten nipples. Midnight had eight and was trying to feed eleven kits. Molly refused to feed her kits. After a week of taking her to her kits to hold her so they could feed her milk dried up. A lot of things about farming have become easier as time goes on, but losing a baby is not one of those things. Its always hard. Every time.

But, the good comes with the bad, and the happy comes with the sad. Yesterday morning as I was adding hay to the feeder I noticed a pulsating underneath the hay. I reached my hand inside and out came a baby rabbit! One of my does (Esperanza, the rabbit Nikita painted on the wall and probably one of my favorites) had burrowed under the hay, behind a piece of fencing and inside a hole in the concrete. She had an entire litter in there! As I pulled the babies out of the nest it was like Christmas. Ten Babies total! Two chocolates(!!!), one chinchilla(I think!), one lilac tort(I think), a few more white, and a few more black. Huzzah! I moved Esperanza to a place where she can have a bit more privacy.

Here are her babies!

The Chinchilla (?)

The lighting for these pictures is not ideal. I think this little girl may be a lilac tort. She has the fawn coloring, but she has a lot of other color on her rear and sides. We shall see.

Here are the two chocolates. The lighting sucks.

Midnight’s litter is the fattest (good) and the most active. Here are some videos! (Sorry about the crowing/chicken noises. The breeding pen is near by!)

Eating hay for the first time.


12 responses to “Baby Rabbits Week Two

  1. oh my goodness! they are so adorable! and they have gotten so big so fast! So sorry to hear about the losses… that is always hard no matter what, baby anything passing away sucks…
    excited to see the next installment of baby bunnies growing up! 🙂

  2. also, I love that little black and white one… 🙂 too cute!

  3. I love the crowing in the background! Total cute overload!

  4. Ahhhhh I love these so much! Thank you for sharing them! I just turned to mush.

  5. I can’t believe how cute they are! And I can’t imagine what it would be like to find a surprise litter, haha.
    I’m really sorry about the two lost babies. 😦

  6. oh no, I’m a goner now!

  7. Love seeing a blog about sustainable farming in WI. We are practically neighbors! I’m currently a first year veterinary student in Mad-town, but my boyfriend has a mostly veggie CSA + some animals out in Waunakee. I will be watching your blog, and check out mine for hopefully some adorable baby goat pictures in a few months.

    PS those little rabbits are GORGEOUS. I would snatch one up if I had more room in my apartment, and the cats might be jealous.

    • Goats! I am jealous, I love goats! It is so neat how close we are! How are you liking vet school? In a different life I would love to have been a vet. Good to meet you:)

      • Vet school is definitely the most exhausting experience of my life… But I know I am in the right place. 🙂 I have learned so much, including a lot about the bureaucracy of veterinary medicine. I just gotta make sure I don’t let school get in the way of my education. I saw you have a sheep vet? I will have to hunt this person down and see if she/he would be interested in having a student tag along this summer. It’s hard to get sheep/goat experience!

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