Molly and Fitz

Dawn’s udder has been full of milk for ten days. She has been tricking me into thinking she is going to have her babies every day for the last week. Every morning I rush outside, camera in hand, only to have baby-less Dawn stare at me. I was starting to think she was going to be pregnant forever.

On Wednesday I found out that one of my favorite authors of all time, Robin Hobb, was going to be in Rosemont, IL at the Booklovers Convention. I decided to go, knowing full well that as soon as I left the state Dawn would have her baby.

Saturday morning I woke up and went outside to check on the sheep. Dawn was breathing heavy and off in a corner by herself. She didn’t eat breakfast and was holding her tail straight out from her body. I looked her straight in the eye and said,” Seriously? You are in labor right now?” Shetlands are easy lambers and very rarely need assistance lambing so I felt comfortable leaving her but WANTED to be there.

I decided to leave. I asked Joel to keep an eye on her and call me when she lambed. I drove to Rosemont. I met Robin Hobb and she is very nice and she graciously signed all the books I brought. I also met Anne Rice and she signed my very beat up copies of Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned that I got 15 years ago. Joel called and told me Dawn had given birth. I was so excited to come home and meet the lambs but first I ran back to see Robin Hobb and let her know I was going to name the ram lamb Fitz, after my favorite character of hers.

I raced back home and when I explained to Joel that I HAD to name the ram lamb Fitz. Joel said I could name the ewe lamb too, even though it was his turn to name the next one. I named her Molly, who is Fitz’s wife.

Momma and Babies

Dawn telling me to go away.

Fitz is very active and hard to photograph. I think he is a grey katmoget(can it be katmoget and yuglet?), yuglet(color around the eyes), sokket(legs different color than the body). He has a white tail, and a white spot by his tail. Not sure what that might be called. Ideas?

So far these two seem to have the crimpyest fleece. I am very excited to see what their fleeces look like as they grow.

Molly is a mystery to me. I think her main color is fawn, or maybe moorit? Or Musket or Mioget? I’m really at a loss here. Her markings look to me like yuglet (eye circles), brandet (stripe across sides), sokket(different colored legs). She has a spot on top of her head as well as a white tail patch like her brother. I am not sure if their is a named for either of these. Reversed krunet for the head patch?


5 responses to “Molly and Fitz

  1. Im sorry I can’t ever help with your questions! Every time you start talking about pattern and colors, Im like “those aren’t any patterns or colors I’VE ever heard of!”
    How exciting to have new babies again! goodness! Springtime on a farm, eh? 🙂

  2. Erica,
    Katmoget and gulmoget are patterns, both of Dawn’s babies appear to be kats. Markings: Ram and ewe both are Smirslet, which is a head marking, both are flecket, which is a body marking, and both are sokket, which is a
    leg marking.

    The are not yuglet because the darker coloring around the eyes are a katmoget characteristic as are the darker legs and ears. Color??? I would guess fawn by the pictures, but they could be gray and I’m not seeing it.
    You will be able to tell more in a few weeks.

    Very nice little ones, any horn bugs on that ram or are there indentations?

  3. What a wonderous and graced life–from favorite authors to beloved animals:) You are wonderful and I hope you continue living this dream (hard work dream to be sure:) for the rest of your life!

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