Rue, Erana, Daenerys, Kali

I am behind on my entries! A week ago Bronga had two ewe lambs. One is dark brown with a silver muzzle, her name is Rue. The other is black with a halo of white around her head. I love dark colored lambs the best so I am really in lamb heaven right now.

Momma and babies




Erana eating my pants.

Action shot

King of the “hill.” Rue is day old in this picture. Sorry about the spooky eyes.

Daenerys and her momma, Lyra. Danny is about two hours old.

Here is our new guard llama Kali.

Watch out coyotes! She is like a ninja!

The silkies brooded some purebred Delawares, and Delaware/Buckeye crosses. Some how this guy snuck in. I love him.



8 responses to “Rue, Erana, Daenerys, Kali

  1. sigh, again with all the cuteness! Lovin that little black chick! sooo cute!

  2. The black fella with the “sugar lips” is AG, so he’ll fade to gray as he ages. Part his fleece in about a month and you’ll see it starting to turn gray and there will be a definitive line where the wool started growing. If you get white around the mouth, inside the ears, at the arm pits, then you have an AG lamb. I love the wide range of grays that you can get with Shetlands.

  3. I love that you named your guard llama Kali. I hope she sticks out her tongue at intruders.
    The lambs and chickie are so cute! It’s amazing how much more developed (than humans) most animals are when they are born.

  4. LOVE the chick. Seriously, you captured so much personality and adorable-ness in one photo!

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