The Mural is Finished!

My lovely and talented sister, Nikita, finished our mural last week. My sister lives in Portland, and I miss her with the fire of a million suns. Joel and I are already plotting out next commissions.

Here are some pictures! Details of the previously completed parts can be seen in a previous post.

Because of the placement of the mural in our upstairs hallway it is impossible to get a good panoramic shot without knocking out a wall or two. The lighting is not great, and the flash on my camera was not helping. Please forgive the bad camera shots, of such beautiful artwork.


Freckles, my sheep who wants to be a dog. When Drogo (our rottweiler) comes to the fence she kicks him in the face. In other words, she is a badass.

Dawn and her babies.


Dawn and Comfrey

Plowing the old fashioned way…with Sansa!

My sweet, gentle, brown girl.

My camera just refused to focus here. Boo.

This horse is a workaholic.

The lake I wish I had.

Sansa, don’t eat the fish! It is dead!

The damn lighting/camera is working against me again. Here are some Cayuga ducks.


Darn lighting again. This own might be my favorite part of the mural…after all the Sansas of course.





6 responses to “The Mural is Finished!

  1. I LOVE THIS so, so much.

  2. Beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. Michelle and Bill

    Wonderful painting! Your sister is really talented.

  4. I love being at the farm and had so much fun working on this! I can’t wait to visit again 🙂

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