We are Animal Welfare Approved!

The Animal Welfare Approved Certification program is THE farm animal welfare certification program. Although there are a few other farm animal welfare programs out there AWA is the most stringent.

I am happy to report that our farm is now certified Animal Welfare Approved for sheep and laying hens/eggs! Our certification for ducks, geese and meat chickens is pending approval of our slaughtering methods. On October 5th we will be taught how to use the AWA approved stunner and be observed slaughtering. At the time of our initial audit, we did not have pigs. The pigs will be reviewed on October 5th.

I am quite proud of our acceptance into the program because of the importance I place on animal welfare and health. Joel and I’s initial reasons for even wanting to buy a farm was an attempt to produce healthy food, that was raised in an ethical manner.

Domestication was based upon a promise between humans and animals. The humans promised protection from predators (other than themselves), shelter and food. The animals promised that in return for this they would yield their meat, eggs, milk, fiber, feathers and skins. Both sides benefit. But modern agriculture is an abomination. The promise has been broken and animals, humans and the planet are paying the price. We might be one small farm, but we are trying to fulfill that ancient promise to our animals.

But don’t just take my word for it…Ask Animal Welfare Approved!



9 responses to “We are Animal Welfare Approved!

  1. Congrats!

  2. Whoohoo this is awesome! Congrats! I just saw their section on GRANTS and I am super impressed with the whole website. If I can light a fire under The Boy, I would love to apply for one with either the goats or the pigs. We might be ending up with a Guinea Hog in addition to our Red Wattles and I would love to get some breeding stock or a mobile shelter/fencing for the piggies.

    Or get some parasite resistant breeding stock like Kikos for our goats. However the application is due September 28th which does NOT give a lot of time to pull everything together.

    • Thank you! The application is not that lengthy, so you should go for it! Remember to apply for the program at the same time. Read over the standards closely, as in order to get grant money you will need to comply. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. @TheGirlandTheGoats my name is Eve and I’m the NW/Central Farmer and Market Outreach Coordinator for Animal Welfare Approved. Please go ahead and fill out the application if you’re interested. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at eve@animalwelfareapproved.org!

  5. This is awesome!

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