Breeding Groups for the Fall (Sheep)

Sheltering Pines Bug- Awesome ram! I loved him when he was at Kelly’s place and when he went up for sale I knew I had to have him. Bug is moorit, with spots. He is a known fleece improver and carries polled genes. He is very personable and his lambs are often quite friendly.

1. Lil Country Bailey – One of my favorite sheep, great personality. Her previous owner was very pleased with the lamb Bailey and Bug produced.

2. Sommarang Dawn – Dawn has warmed up to me a lot over the last six months. Her lamb last year (Bug’s baby) was the friendliest we had, but she sadly died. I am repeating the breeding and hoping for dynamite.

3. Shepherdwoods Easter Skerry- Nice gray katmoget with good confirmation. I am hoping for some fleece improvement from Bug.

4. Shepherdwoods Lyra- LONG wavy staple on this big white girl. I am hoping Bug will add in some crimp. Fingers crossed for white lambs!

5. V Creek Snowflake – Snowflake gave me the best lamb from the entire crop last year, good confirmation, consistent crimp and FRIENDLY (unlike her mom who is very shy but will come up for grain). Snowflake is not homozygous white so it will be interesting to see what she creates with Bug.

6. Lucy- Lucy is Levi’s mom so she can’t go to him. Lucy is from Garrett Ramsay’s flock. She has produced at least two keep-able rams so I am excited to see what she makes with Bug. She is friendly and polled. These lambs will be great.

7. Ginger- Another moorit from Garrett. She has become really friendly and likes to unzip my hoodies like Catelyn. Nice crimp and polled genetics.


Levi- Levi is a black smooth polled ram. He is very even tempered and likes being pet. His confirmation is spot on and he has a crimpy beautiful fleece. I am so excited for his lambs!

1. Sheltering Pines Champs Elysees- Beautiful moorit with very fine confirmation. Her and Bug are somewhat related so she shall go to Levi.

2. Sommarang Comfrey- Nice Shetland black ewe with good confirmation that roos EARLY. Levi is also black so I am hoping for some nice solid black babies from this pairing.

3. Shepardwoods Hildasay – large ewe, hoping for large growthy lambs. Her fleece is up there in micron count so it will be interesting to see how Levi can improve upon it.

4. Under the Son Prairie Wind – Moorit ewe, I am expecting moorit or black lambs

5. River Oaks Freya- Beautiful gulmoget that carries polled genetics. I am hoping for polled gullies!

6. FirthofFifth Sakadah- I am happy to have some FirthofFifth stock! Fingers crossed for gullie lambs from this gulmoget mom!





4 responses to “Breeding Groups for the Fall (Sheep)

  1. It’s going to be an exciting year for you in 2013!!! You’ve assembled a nice flock.

  2. I’m so jealous. No breeding for me this year unless I sell some fiber pets. So many nice pollies with fine fleece out there in the upper Midwest!

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