Rabbit Babies (First Week)

Rabbit babies are born hair-less, helpless, and frankly, pretty ugly. Their first week of life they grow so quickly! You can see viable changes every day. Daria had seven kits. My rabbits have had bigger litters but the medium sized litters always seem to grow bigger and faster, and its less likely any of the kits will die. My target litter size is 8. The biggest my rabbits have ever had is 13, and the smallest was 3.

Day 1: Hairless, eyes closed, colors somewhat recognizable by skin color





Day 2: Hair is starting to come in, just barely, eyes closed


I thought these three little dudes were ruby eyed whites but there is just the barest light brown tinge…


Day 3: Not sure what happened but I forgot to take pictures this day. D’oh!

Day 4: Colors are becoming more obvious, kits have gotten significantly bigger, eyes closed


Color is starting to come in on the two chestnut agoutis. You can really see the brown coming in near the shoulders and the head.


By this time it is obvious that all three of these little ones are either fawn, cream, red, or some type of tort. I am REALLY hoping they are fawn, cream or red as those are all colors I am trying to get more of in my herd.


These little kits looked pretty similiar at birth but you can see that the one on the right is getting darker. Both of them have the white ear lacing and bellies of some type of agouti/chin. Opal? Chinchilla? I don’t know yet.


Day 5: Color is coming in very well, eyes still closed


Look at that color!


This little one has taken on a “blueish” look. But he still has a white belly, and white ears so he isn’t a self…


This one still has a white belly and white ears but is a very light grey color.


Day 6: Colors are deeper, eyes still closed



One week old! You can really see the color coming in on the agoutis.


Izzy had babies on Thursday. Not sure if her milk production was low,  or if she was being a neglectful momma but out of eight kits born only three survived. Her last litter she only had three kits. She gets one more chance and if things don’t go well Izzy will be looking for a pet home. I fostered Izzy’s kits to Daria and am letting them nurse with Izzy daily. I was thinking to sell Daria to a pet home but now I am thinking I might not!

This is a picture of one of Daria’s kits at 9 days old and one of Izzy’s kits at two days old. It really lets you see how much they grow in a week.


Any angora breeders out there have any ideas about the dark and light gray kits? What colors could they be?


7 responses to “Rabbit Babies (First Week)

  1. I am fascinated! Now, of course, I want to have baby bunnies! When I was younger, my father raised rabbits. All I can remember is being horrified that the moms would eat the babies sometimes. Has that happened to you? And if so, how does one stop that from happening? Or why does it happen at all? I feel like I could accept that the babies may perish because they can’t get nutrition better than I could accept that the mom may eat them.
    O.k., sorry to be a downer.

    I really love the photos and it was just so exciting! Congratulations! Gorgeous little bunnies!

    • Thanks, Tammy! I have had rabbits for about two years and probably had about 15 litters in that time. I’ve never had issues with cannibalism of the young but I do know that it happens. My “rabbit bible” is called Rabbit Production and it is currently about ready to come out with the ninth edition. According to that book rabbits can eat their young because of nutritional deficiencies or because they get freaked out by something. I think living in a colony in my barn with cats, ducks, geese, chickens and dogs near by has made them pretty hardy. But some rabbits can get scared very easily. If they feel threatened or scared they can eat the young (or so I have read.) It sounds a bit weird but makes sense if you think about it.

      I love the bunnies!

  2. LOVE the pics of the baby bunnies – really, there is so MUCH TO KNOW about when you breed anything. Thanks for sharing and keep it coming – I like to read whatever you post!

  3. This is so cool! Its amazing how fast they grow!!!

  4. They make me feel all warm inside. How cute!

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