First Lambs of 2013!

My sister left for Portland(where she lives) yesterday and today our first lambs were born. I am bummed Nikita missed getting to see them, but so so excited for lambing to have started. We put our rams in a bit later then we had wanted so for the passed few weeks I’ve been looking at everyone else’s lamb pictures and dying of jealousy waiting for my own.

The first to lamb was Freja. She is named after a Norse fertility goddess. Joel wants to name these two after fertility goddesses as well, but he hasn’t decided on who yet. Both are ewe lambs (!!!) and both are gulmogets. They have a white patch on top of their heads, like their daddy, Whitepine Levi, which I believe is a krunet. They should produce polled offspring. One was 6 lbs and the other was 5.5lbs.






We “jug” our lambs. This means that we put momma and babies in a small area together so they can bond. This prevents anyΒ  “granny nannies” from stealing babies. What can happen is that pregnant sheep can see a baby and think that it is theirs, then they steal the baby and the baby dies because the theif’s milk hasn’t come in yet. Jugs keep momma and baby together, and I think give momma a space to recover and relax, and give the babies a chance to get a bit stronger, and more steady on their feet before they have to be in “gen pop.” Here are a few wannabe granny nannies outside the jug:)



12 responses to “First Lambs of 2013!

  1. Are these Levi lambs? Both ewes!!?? Congrats on the gully babies, it appears as if at least one of them is a gonna be a spot carrier. πŸ™‚

  2. Rebecca Strang

    Adorable! I want to pet those fuzzy babies!

  3. Yes, Krunet…but that amount of white will probably almost disappear as they mature. The only reason I make note of that white is so that we know they are spot carriers. I’m am in a holding pattern waiting for my girls to start spitting out lambs.

    • Yes, I think the spots are interesting because Levi has a TINY krunet and so do both of these girls. His is very hard to see too so I agree its good to make a note of it now in case it disappears later. You had a ram lamb born, right? Nothing else yet? My ewes are not technically due till April 7th so these two were a bit early. But they were 5,5 and 6lbs so I think those are good weights. I am so excited for the rest!

  4. They are amazing!! I think one should be Ostara. πŸ™‚

  5. That would be a great name but we already have an Obara!

  6. I know you have names in mind but the date of their birth has endless possibilities, April’s Fool or Easter lambs. Of course, I think of them as “Easter lambs”. I am so happy for ALL of you!!!! Congratulations.

  7. I thought I commented earlier! They are the cutest EVER and Freya is rude for not having them one day earlier.

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