Piglets and Lambs, Oh My!

The last few days have been crazy! Freya kicked off lambing season on Monday. On Tuesday I ran to the barn expecting the next lamb installment. I didn’t find any, but then I heard a squeaking noise. I got really nervous the barn had been taken over by rats and started looking for the source of the noise. I found it in the pig pen.


There are nine piglets total, four gilts (young female pigs that have not yet had a litter) and five boars(intact male pigs). There are two runts, but so far they are doing well. They are so cute I want to snuggle them forever.


At this point they only eat and sleep.



Wednesday there was a lull in the baby birthing until about 10PM when Obara had a single white spotted ewe lamb. Obara is a X bred ewe from Cynthia of Firth of Fifth farm and is a bit bigger than the Shetlands. Her lamb was pounds heavier and has a long tail! Her fleece is very crimpy and she is quite cute. We might retain her for future cross breds.


Look at her giant legs!


This morning before my 8am chemistry class (I missed on Tuesday due to the piglets) I was determined to make it to class. When I came outside Freckles had two ewe lambs by her side.

Under the Son Prairie Wind (Windy) was about to go into labor and so was Little Country Crow. I felt horrible leaving for class but Joel was there to watch over everyone. Crow started trying to steal (granny nanny!) Freya’s babies. Joel put her in a jug, and Windy too. While I was in class Freckles had another lamb! Freckles is our smallest sheep and I could not believe she had triplets!

Freckles is a yearling unregistered Shetland, these are her first lambs. The white spotted ones are ewes, the black is a ram. She was bred to White Pine Levi.





Under the Son Prairie Wind x White Pine Levi- two black ewe lambs(!!!) both with a white krunet

River Oaks Ginger x Sheltering Pines Bug- our second single so far. She is a very dark moorit color(dark brown for you non-Shetland people), another ewe lamb! I’m already very in love with this one and don’t see myself parting with her.



Sheltering Pines Champs Elysees and White Pine Levi- two black ram lambs with white krunets.







8 responses to “Piglets and Lambs, Oh My!

  1. Dies of cuteness!!! I love Obara’s lamb.

  2. What a wonderful bunch of lambs you have this year! I’m trying not to be jealous….

  3. Tee hee:)
    I bet that was expensive!

  4. Hello, I read your blogs regularly. Your story-telling style
    is awesome, keep it up!

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