Lambing Continues

Tuesday Comfrey broke our lamb strike with a lovely black ewe lamb. I forgot to take a picture of her when she was in the jug so here she is running away from me.

Sommarang Comfrey X White Pine Levi (F1 Jamie) her name is Bethesda.


Wednesday Easter Skerry had two ewe lambs, one fawn katmoget and one gray katmoget. Both fleeces are very crimpy looking!

Sheperdwoods Easter Skerry X Sheltering Pines Bug





My favorite sheep, Dawn, had twins on Thursday mornings, two ewe lambs.

Sommarang Dawn X Sheltering Pines Bug

Joel named them both after Goddesses of the Dawn (get it?!) Both fleeces are very tight and crimpy.

Ostara, gray katmoget with a krunet


HST gray katmoget, Aurora



Catelyn also had two ewe lambs. They are already sold to Mallory. Tight beautiful looking fleeces on both of them!




I have not decided who is staying and who goes, but if you see someone that you take a fancy to, let me know and I will get back to you.:)


5 responses to “Lambing Continues

  1. LOOOOVE Ostara!

  2. Would be interested in Aurora if she comes up for sale. Thanks.

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