Here a Lamb, There a Lamb, Everywhere a Lamb Lamb

Little Country Victoria X Little Country Beetlejuice- two spotted ewe lambs

Emancipation Lacey


Emancipation Patience- I am really quite taken with this little ewe. I like her color. Her mother has a bit of a double coat so I am hoping for an improvement in these little ewes.


Question for Shetland people: Would this lamb be considered moorit with white spots, or white with moorit spots? Any names for the spots of these two girls?

The other side.


River Oaks Lucy X Sheltering Pines Bug

Lucy had a single ewe lamb with a tiny patch of white on her head. (Shetland people is there a name for a tiny little random spot?)

Emancipation Sookie



Shepeardwoods Lyra X Sheltering Pines Bug- two white ram lambs

Emancipation Torricelli


Emancipation Galileo- He has some gray markings on his head and legs is he still considered white or is this a specific marking? He has a very light gray spot on his back too.


I love Madeline.


Briene is our cross bred. She is a tank. I love this picture of her.


Joel was in such high demand for pats and scratches he had to use his hands and feet!



10 responses to “Here a Lamb, There a Lamb, Everywhere a Lamb Lamb

  1. Definitely moorit with white spotting — and very pretty! I don’t get much spotting here, so someone else will have to chime in with the specific terms. I imagine Galileo is white with phaemelanin showing. The genetic designation, Awt, means “white with tan.”

  2. They are so freaking adorable!You should put them all in a big box and send them to me. Actually, make that a cake. Please put your new lambs in a giant cake and send it my way.

  3. These pictures are terrific. I think the ‘head shot’ of Lucy and her lamb would win in a photo contest!!! We LOVED visiting with you on Saturday.

  4. Your lambs is a moorit smirslet flecket. Smirslet refers to the facial markings and flecket describes the body spots.
    Nice lambs!! You should be pleased.

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