75% Kune Kune x 25% Potbelly Piglets for Sale in Wisconsin

The piglets are a few weeks old now and growing day by day. They really are so cute its a bit hard to handle.

Here is the proud Momma, Penny. She is a Kune Kune x Potbelly. Penny is the sweetest, most gentle pig we have. She loves being pet and will roll over for belly scratches. This is her first litter. She had nine.


Daddy is Hercules, he is a papered and registered Kune Kune boar. Here he is with his family and some of the other pigs. Hercules is a good family man that loves belly scratches and his mud wallow.Image

The following piglets are for sale, and can go to new homes in mid-August. Gilts(unbred females) are $200 and barrows(castrated males) are $100. Non-refundable deposit of $25 holds your piglet. Piglets will not be sold individually unless the new owner already owns pigs. Pigs are social creatures and need to have other pigs around to be happy.

Pigs can be sold as pets, breeders, or pork producers. Piglets should weigh 100-250lbs at maturity. This size is perfect for the small homestead. Kune Kune’s are known for their docile temperaments, and are a great pig to raise around children. We recommend pigs live outdoors.

If you are interested in a piglet please email EricaQSolis@gmail.com

BARROWS- We have decided to keep the barrows for meat production.


Gilt #1- “Tri” This gilt was born looking black and white but she now has ginger hairs growing in her white areas. She is the only pig in the entire little to be tri-colored. She has one piri piri (wattle). She does have an extra teat, but could still be bred if desired. ImageImage


Gilt #2- “Ska”- SOLDImage

Gilt #3- “Black Ear.” Black Ear is my favorite gilt of the litter. She is curious and probably the most friendly. Black Ear also has an extra teat. RESERVED



Gilt #4- “BJ” Another very curious and friendly black and ginger gilt. She has good teat placement and would make a good breeder.If she doesn’t sell we will keep her and breed her to our Guinea boar.Image


Gilt #5- Has one extra teat. ImageImage



7 responses to “75% Kune Kune x 25% Potbelly Piglets for Sale in Wisconsin

  1. If Steve sees this I am in trouble. 🙂

  2. leah schroeder

    We want a pig!!! Please call asap!!! Thank you!!! 4148702241

  3. Serena jesperson

    Do You Have Any Girls That Are Not Black And White? You Can Reach Me Via Email Or At 608-403-7867. I Would Like To Hear From You Asap. Thanks So Much.

  4. Katie Nichols

    I’m very interested! Please contact me to let me know where you are located and when I can purchase one. thankyou! Kate Nichols @gmail.com

  5. Billy Muszytowski

    Were in Wisconsin are you located. I have been looking into geting a pig myself. I am wondering if theres a time I can go and look.

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