American Chinchillas and Other New Bunnies!

I’ve been thinking about American Chinchillas for awhile. In fact, I wanted them before I got Silver Fox but wasn’t able to locate breeders near me. I started thinking about them early one morning and decided to try to track some down via Facebook. I found the Krienkes, who turned out to be a wealth of information as well as really, really nice. I got three does and a buck from them and am hoping to add a few more does and another buck at convention. Everyone is in cages right now for quarantine but in a few weeks the does will move in with the Silver Fox does.

Crystal’s Mad Hatter-The Buck.


Crystal’s Sardina- This doe is very sweet. She always comes to the cage door for pats. I don’t like to use the word favorite but….

IMG_4216IMG_4215Violet- Violet loves throwing her food everywhere so I need to get a heavier dish. I don’t know why some bunnies love to do that.

IMG_4221Rose- Rose is Violets sister.

IMG_4220Here is my new self-chocolate chinchilla from Kate. Hopefully she will make beautiful French Angora chinchilla babies for me. Her name is Zora.

IMG_4223My blue Silver Fox does. I’m trading one with Katie for another unrelated blue doe.

IMG_4230Last but not least, my new buck Harvey. He is a sweetie and the girls are driving him wild!!!



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