Sheep Breeding Groups for 2013

Last year we had two rams, this year we have four, so we had to build two more breeding pens. Breeding groups were put together in the middle of November and the boys are delighted.

Our ram, Sheltering Pines Bug really, really gets into breeding season. Other times of the year he is like a sweet puppy, but during breeding season he is all business. Bug has an amazing fleece, good confirmation, and his lambs are always the friendliest. I could see myself keeping a son of his.

Bug’s Girls

1. Firth of Fifth Sakadah- Sakadah is a gulmoget(my favorite!). Last year she had a black ewe lamb named Sookie. With Bug she should have a gullie or a solid black. Fingers crossed for more gullies! We retained her ewe lamb from last season.

2. Sommarang Comfrey- Comfrey is one of my older girls, this year she is eight. Last year she went to Levi, so this year I put her with Bug. Comfrey has nice babies and so far I’ve retained both the ewe lambs I’ve gotten from her (Katniss and Bethesda.) I’m expecting black babies, and would be thrilled if they had yuglet markings.

3. Lil’ Country Bailey- This is probably my favorite ewe. She is from polled lines. has a lovely fleece, nice babies and is as sweet as pie. I wish all my ewes were as gentle and people-centric as Bailey. We retained one of her ewe lambs from last year, Cleo, who is moorit. Babies from her and Bug should be either katmoget or moorit as Bailey carries moorit.

4. Lil’ Country Victoria- Victoria’s fleece needs some improvement and I think Bug is the ram that can give that to her babies. Both parents carry spots, so I am hoping for something flashy.

5. Under the Son Sula- I am hoping for more flashy, spotted babies from this pairing.

6. Sheltering Pines Jadore- What can I say, I love Stephen’s sheep! Jadore is fawn (modified) and Bug carries modified. I am hoping for more modified from these too.

7. Sheltering Pines Temperance- Temperance and Bug have produced offspring before (not at my farm) and they had a shaela. The shaela color is a beautiful steel gray and it is a very rare color. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a shaela ewe lamb!

8. River Oaks Ginger- Ginger is another very sweet sheep. Bug often has friendly babies, so I am hoping for people-friendly sheep out of these two. They could be spotted too!

9. Emancipation Inara- Our first year breeding we kept only two ewe lambs and Inara was one of them. She is finally old enough to breed and I am excited to see what she produces. She is very friendly, and one of my favorites.

Levi’s Girls

1. Ok Acres Tina- Tina is a Bug daughter we bought at the same time we bought Bug. Silly, I know, but I am a fool for friendly sheep. Tina is sweet and beautiful. I imagine her lambs will be black.

2. Lil’ Country Acres Crow- Last year Crow went a little crazy–she gave birth to her own two lambs, and then proceeded to abandon them in favor of some week-old lambs she tried to steal from their rightful mother. Hopefully, for her sake, this year she will get it right. Her babies will likely be black with spots.

3. Sheltering Pines Lotus Moon- One of my only white sheep! I would love some cute white ewe lambs out of her.

4. Under the Son Sonora- Another white sheep I am hoping for keeper white ewe lambs from.

5. Emancipation Katniss- Katniss is Comfrey’s daughter from two years ago, and this will be her first lambing year. Katniss is spotted and I am hoping for spotted babies from these two.

Jean Luc’s Girls

1. Sommarang Dawn- Dawn and Bailey fight for the position of My Favorite Sheep. Dawn is sweet and friendly. I’ve loved every lamb Dawn has ever had. We retained one of her ewe lambs from last year, Ostara.

2. V Creek Snowflake- Snowflake is my old lady at ten years old. She herself is not the most beautiful sheep, but her babies are always stunning! I’ve retained her daughters from both years we’ve bred her and just bought another one of her daughters, Eva, from Garrett. You can tell, I love Snowflake. I’d like more sheep from V Creek too!

3. Sheperdwoods Ester- Ester’s coat is coarser (but not coarse) than I would like given her age. I liked her ewe lambs from last year and we kept Priya. I wanted to see what Jean Luc could do to improve on her fleece. Ester is very friendly.

4. Under the Son Senja- I bought three sheep from Under the Son farm and I wanted to give one of them to each purebred ram.

Eino’s Girls

Eino is the Finn ram I am borrowing from Garrett. He is a bit bigger than the Shetlands. Finn’s are in the European Short Tail class the same as Shetlands. I am hoping for meaty, quicker growing cross breds for meat lambs.

1. River Oaks Freya- Freya is a big, robust girl. I WANTED her to go to Bug, but she somehow SCALED THE CATTLE PANEL FENCE and I found her with her big booty pressed up against Eino’s pen. I had just gotten Eino and a few other girls so they were still in quarantine. The easiest thing to do was just let her in with them, so that is what we did. She can go to Bug next year I guess. Sigh.

2. Fiona – Fiona is a cross bred ewe I got from my friend, Kelly. She is a TANK.

3. Obara- Obara is a cross-bred ewe from Cynthia. She is another very friendly sheep. She follows us around like a dog, and we sometimes call her Obara-In-The-Way as she is always underfoot.

4. White Pine Koosi- I got these last three sheep from Garrett and they are all so pretty. I had planned to divide them up between the purebred rams, but I wasn’t totally sure they had been celibate during there time in quarantine. I quarantine any new sheep that come in, but the divider between the ram and the ewes wasn’t the strongest, and once Freya managed to fight her way over to the pen I decided it would be easiest to just put them all together for the breeding season.

5. Owl Hill Butter- I love the fleece on this girl

6. Eva- This is the Snowflake daughter I bought. She is a beauty.

7. Sheperdwoods Lyra


6 responses to “Sheep Breeding Groups for 2013

  1. That is a lot of lovely fleeces!

  2. Oh, you have Butter! I bought her as a weanling from her breeder, then sold her to Garrett. You have a LOT of nice sheep; wow!

  3. Holy sheep, you’re gonna have LOTS of babies!

  4. I’m expecting a Levi baby from you this year Erica. lol

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