2017 Sale List – Sheep

All listed lambs have passed two month evaluations. Evaluations are based on general and breed specific confirmation, wool quality (length, density, crimp) and potential of the animal as a breeder that fulfills or exceeds the standard for a traditional 1927 style Shetland sheep.

We try to honestly and transparently offer strengths and critiques of any animal we sell as a breeder. Rams that do not meet our standards are processed for meat in the fall. If a lamb is labeled not for sale they are either being retained, sold, or will be processed for meat. We do not sell discount rams and strive to only sell rams that will benefit the breed.


Emancipation Kitty – Emancipation Beatrice x Emancipation Bruce – $250

– born 4/7/17, copper tag 206, Straight back, crimp coming in, nice, elegant head


Emancipation Jessica Rae- Emancipation Lavender x Emancipation Bruce- $250

spotted moorit, soft and crimpy, legs a bit turned in20170615_094418


Emancipation Nebraska- Emancipation Mindy x Emancipation Bruce -$250

soft, with bolder crimp, level topline


Emancipation Effie – Emancipation Katniss x OK Acres Einstein- $225

Moorit, krunet, ear tag 290/0212

Does not have a lot of crimp coming in yet, which often happens with her mother’s line. I’ve kept her mother for years and her half sister. She is very soft and I believe the crimp will come in as she ages. She is a bit narrow of body. Could be modified. I will likely keep this ewe if she doesn’t sell.


Emancipation Marie Curie- Under the Son Senja x OK Acres Einstein -$200

Solid black, not as crimpy, crimp may come in as she gets older



Emancipation River- Emancipation Cleo x Emancipation Bruce- $350

Cleo is one of my favorite ewes, sweet as pie, has done well being shown, and has the density and crimp in her wool that I am looking for. This ram is my favorite of the ram lambs I am selling. He is very crimpy, soft as butter, has a good stance, nice legs, and overall very nice confirmation. He draws the eye, and wants to be looked at. His scurs are a bit wonky, and may need to be trimmed, but they should stay small. If he was not so related to my flock I would keep him without question. Ear tag 0246/0206



Emancipation Acres Socrates- OK Acres Temperence x OK Acres Einstein -$325

solid black, teeny tiny scurs, very crimpy, soft, growthy, nice legs, the crimpiest black we may have ever bred



Emancipation Cadillac – Lil Country Bailey x Emancipation Bruce – $300

Bailey is one of my favorite ewes and I have kept nearly everything out of her. I am keeping Cadillac’s sister from this year, and also have 3 of his half sister’s in the flock. He has the smallest scurs, is very soft and crimpy, with great legs.


Emancipation Donnie – Emancipation Oseola x Emancipation Bruce – $300

moorit yuglet, flecket, copper tag 237, very soft, very crimpy, straight legs, level back, smooth polled or very small scurs




Emancipation Walter – Emancipation Oseola x Emancipation Bruce -$300

copper tag 211, Very soft very crimpy, Solid moorit, Small scurs, Very straight legs




Garry Tallent- Emancipation Kestrel x Emancipation Bruce – $225

moorit ram, flecket, copper tag 247, Very soft, crimpy, Tiny scurs, Legs a teeny bit turned in





Emancipation Jackson -Emancipation Manja x Emancipation Bruce -$250

moorit gulmoget ram- copper tag 209, possibly modified, teeny scurs, crimpy, soft, good legs




Emancipation Asbury- Emancipation Valerian x Emancipation Bruce- $275


He needs to go to an experienced home who knows how to deal with a somewhat pushy ram.

Moorit spotted, might be smooth polled, Very crimpy, Very soft, Good legs, Level topline

Emancipation Cinna- Emancipation Katniss x Emancipation Einstein – $275

Solid moorit, crimpy, Teeny tiny scurs, Very nice legs and level top line



Shetland Ewes

Emancipation Ava- $300

I kept Ava and her sister Oseola over the winter to evaluate. They are out of my friendliest ewe, Bailey who always gives me lovely lambs. I like them both but Ava doesn’t have quite as consistent of crimp dropping off a bitch near the britch. Her wool has a lovely long staple and teeny tiny crimp that feels delightfully soft to the touch. Ava is katmoget and may carry spots.

Emancipation Mindy- $250

I am willing to part with Mindy as she is very related to the rest of my flock. Soft fleece, good confirmation.

Sheltering Pines Temperence- $300

Temperence is a Salicional daughter. She has maintained a crimpy fleece, and is very fine especially for a black. I have owned her for a few years and kept daughters. Very well put together sheep out of amazing lines.

KSPIRIT Farm Miss Liberty $250

Libbey is one of my friendliest ewes. She loves attention and treats. She is a mioget gulmoget, so very interesting pattern. Her wool is a bit longer and more open then I prefer so she is for sale after she weans her lambs.

Emancipation Valerian  $200

On the smaller side, but with some of the finest fleece in my flock. We use our Shetlands for meat and wool so I am selling her because of her size. First photo from summer 2016.

Emancipation Lavender- $200  She is smaller like her sister Valarian, which is why I’m selling. She did have a lamb last year, and raised her well. The lamb is modified and I am keeping her