Breeding Groups 2017

Lambs are anticipated end of March through mid-April.

Emancipation Bruce

Anyone that knows me knows my deep and enduring love for Bruce Springsteen. I knew I wanted a sheep named Bruce but didn’t want to waste the name on just any old ram, so I was very selective on who finally got named Bruce. In my humble opinion, Bruce is the best sheep we’ve ever bred. He was Reserve Champion at 2015 Wisconsin Sheep and Wool and Reserve Champion Ram in 2016. He was a very correct structure and confirmation, fine, crimpy wool, and a very calm, easy to handle temperament without being pushy. He is a black gulmoget with a krunet (head spot) who carries moorit. A flock goal is to continue to breed for fine gulmogets, and hopefully get some more spotted and moorit gulmogets as well. Bruce has exhibited excellent parasite resistance. All of Bruce’s group will be named either after Springsteen songs, bandmembers, ect.

Red Oak Freya– black gulmoget, she was bred to Bruce two years ago and produced a very fine black, so we are trying again this year for a gulmoget

Red Oak Gillian– moorit gulmoget who is very fine around the neck and shoulders but does drop off a bit at the britch. I am hoping for gulmogets with improved fleece.

Red Oak Minnie-moorit gulmoget with fine wool and a beautiful personality, very friendly and sweet, one of my favorite ewes

Libbey– Somewhat double coated, will be very interesting to see how Bruce improves her wool. Very friendly and sweet.  Libbey will be for sale after she weans her lambs.

Lil Country Crow– Crow has the best parasite resistance of any ewe we have, she always has an excellent body condition score and a 4 or 5 on the FAMANCHA score. She always singles, but they are vigorous. I would consider keeping a ram out of her. She is feral as all get out, but I am always impressed with her lambs.

Rambling Cherish– moorit gulmoget, hoping for more gulmogets.

Lil Country Bailey– My sweetie, lovely personality, always twins, carries moorit. I’ve kept most the ewes she has produced for me and kept both her twin ewes from two years ago.

OK Acres Sierra– This ewe produced some of the finest fleeced ewe lambs last breeding season that I have ever had on our farm. I’m very excited to see how things go with Bruce!

Emancipation Jezebel– Yearling ewe with great confirmation whose crimp came in late. So glad I didn’t sell her! Hoping for a gulkat. She is a favorite of mine.

Emancipation Beatrice– moorit ewe, I have a lot related to her so she is for sale after weaning her lambs

Lil Country Bee Sting– excellent confirmation and fleece, I loved this ewe when she lived with Kelly and jumped at the chance to purchase her.

Emancipation Cleo– The first ewe I kept out of Bailey. These will be her first lambs. Sheltering Pines Bug daughter. Has placed at Jefferson. My sweetest, friendliest ewe.

Emancipation Echo-spotted katmoget, yearling ewe

Emancipation Mindy– Sheltering Pines Bug daughter (Bruce is a Sheltering Pines Bug son) I am doing a few half sibling to half sibling in-breedings this  year. They say one of the quickest ways to improve a flock is by concentrating good qualities through inbreeding. Let the great experiment begin! Mindy is a white ewe, and since I just purchased a white ram, she is for sale after she weans her lambs.

Emancipation Prija- The last Bug daughter going to Bruce, a huge improvement on her mother, lovely wool, great confirmation, another one of my favorites

Under the Son Senja- great structure, and amazing density (maybe the best in the flock) needs improvement in fineness, which hopefully Bruce can do

Kestral- moorit yearling ewe, first breeding

Yesfir- katmoget yearling ewe, first breeding

OK Acres Tina- one more Bug daughter for good measure

Ewe’s Have it Jael- katmoget

Emancipation Olive- katmoget, nice wool, and confirmation, I have a lot related to her so she is for sale

Emancipation Manja- moorit – nice wool and confirmation, but I have a lot related to her so she is for sale

Emancipation Lavender- spotted moorit, on the smaller side, with very fine wool, for sale

Emancipation Valerian – spotted moorit, on the smaller side, with very fine wool, for sale


 Emancipation Washburne

It feels really great to be using two rams we bred ourselves this year. I am very proud of Wash. He is a Bug grandson, and you can tell by looking at him. Bug has had a huge influence on our flock and I feel so lucky to have a mini-Bug to continue to use. At the 2016 Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival Washburne was fourth place out of a very large yearling ram class. His legs are likely the most confirmationally correct in our entire flock. He is moorit, spotted and his group is made out of a: 1. sheep I think can produce wildly spotted and flashy offspring with Wash 2: sheep I would like to see some leg improvements on. Washburne also has very good parasite resistance, with consistently good BCS and FAMANCHA scores.

Emancipation Inara– Inara was one of the very first ewe lambs born on our property. I kept her daughter Serenity. She always singles, and my preference is for ewes that twin. If I keep a ewe that always singles she has to produce really well to make up for it, and Inara does. I am hoping Wash will pass his stellar legs onto their offspring(she is just the slightest bit hocky)

Emancipation Raven– Out of Crow, black and very flashy (spotted), excellent parasite resistance like her mom, with great BCS and FAMANCHA scores.

Emancipation Ava– Out of Bailey, her twin is with Einstein and mom is with Bruce, katmoget, Ava is for sale, but if she doesn’t sell I will happily keep her

Emancipation Gretel– My last ewe lamb out of Sommerang Comfrey, moorit and very flashy (spotted), nice wool, would like a bit of improvement in the leg confirmation

Ewes Have it Pearl Drop– Her original breeder requested she be placed in Wash’s group and who am I to deny her request? Katmoget

Sheltering Pines Lotus– lovely fleece, white ewe, good confirmation

Under the Sun Sula- black and spotted, usually twins, has very solid confirmation but hoping for fleece fineness improvement in the lambs

Krazy K Wilma– sweet temperment, but not as fine of fleece as I would like, it will be interesting to see how Wash can improve on it.

Emancipation Primrose-
Bruce’s daughter from 2 years ago. Has lovely fleece like her daddy, and my favorite marking, yuglet

Krazy K Kit Kat– moorit, sweet as pie


OK Acres Einstein’s group

Einstein is a modified (fawn) ram from one of my favorite flocks, with good confirmation and nice crimpy wool with a good staple length. Diversity of color in our flock, without compromising on fleece quality and confirmation is a goal of ours and Einstein’s group is filled with sheep that have produced modified offspring or are out of modified parents.

Sheltering Pines Temperance– a Salicional daughter that has produced a very nice shaela ram in the past. I’ve bred her a few years and always ended up selling her offspring because I have a lot of black ewes already and I keep hoping she will produce a shaela ewe worth keeping. Heres to hoping! She will be for sale after lambing because I am focusing more on katmogets and gulmogets.

Emancipation Katniss– Katniss was one of the first sheep born on our farm, her father, Thor, was shaela/emsket and she is moorit. We kept her daughter, Primrose, and her son was just sold to another Wisconsin flock. I am always happy with what she produces, hoping for fawns or shaelas.

Emancipation Serenity– Serenity is out of Emancipation Inara who was from Katniss’ cohort and who I still also own. I was thrilled when I sheared Serenity this year to realize she was modified.

Under the Sun Senja– Good structure and excellent density and staple length, possibly shaela herself

Dawn– Dawn is my girl. This may be her last breeding, so I am hoping for a keeper ewe.

Oseola– Out of another favorite, Lil Country Bailey, her mom and twin are in other breeding groups. I really like this line and its going to be very interesting to see the similarities and differences in the three breedings (mother, sister, sister).








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