Angora Rabbit Waiting List

Here is the waiting list for those waiting for an angora. This list is to keep us all on the same page. If you decide you no longer want a bunny please let me know so I can remove you from the list. If you think you should be on the list, or would like to get on the list please email me at


7 responses to “Angora Rabbit Waiting List

  1. Patricia Schneider

    Hello! I’m in Viroqua, WI.

    I have been looking for French Angoras.

    I have raised German Angoras in a colony and want to switch breeds! Please put me on your waiting list! I would love to have 2 does and a buck. But I would take any that were available and continue to wait for more…

    I’m glad I found you!


    • Hi Patricia, Thanks for the comment. I will place you on the list. Not sure if you saw it (its posted) but it is a might bit long right now. So it will most likely be a few months wait. The list is shorter for bucks. Do you still have your Germans? I might consider a trade:) Do you have pictures of your colony? I would love to see them. I’ve been thinking of profiling other colony raisers on the blog let me know if you are interested in that:) For up to date info on litters please follow us on fb at

  2. Patricia Schneider

    I had a small group of four German Angoras about four years. I began housing them in a cage and quickly realized that it didn’t fit with how I raised our other farm animals. We have free range poultry and pastured cows and sheep. I allowed the rabbits a large, protected, outdoor ranging area with shelters. They were a happy little group. I made plans to perfect and go further with this idea. During the floods of 2007 we found homes for our animals and were forced to leave our valley property.
    I found the Germans to be very sociable, friendly and FULL of wool. I got quite good at shearing (with scissors). But I had always felt there really is too much wool on the Germans (at least those I had) to feel natural. I’d had a French/German cross many years ago that I loved…I researched French Angoras…read a few good old books (didn’t have internet until last year) and knew that French Angoras were a better fit.
    I have no Angoras now. I’ve just been waiting to find French to restart my little colony. I find your webpage inspiring…it’s just where my thought were leading me.
    I don’t mind waiting for does and a buck! I’m just happy I finally found someone who has them…and it’s a bonus that you are raising them in this way…and you’re close!
    I don’t do facebook – just barely getting used to internet, so please keep me posted by email if you can. I will try to occasionally check in…
    Thank you for your great work with these rabbits!

    • Patricia! Thanks! I will add you to the list. Right now i have six little babies in the nest box but they are likely all going to be claimed by people first on the list. Are you looking for particular colors? Do you want a trio to start out? Are you looking for show quality, or some to breed just for your own fiber and/or meat? Thanks! What is your email address?

      • Oops! Found it in an earlier message…two does and a buck! Thanks!

      • Hi there, I adore the fawn and chinchilla rabbits (in that order), but the black are also wonderful. Yes, 2 does and a buck would be lovely. I am a spinner, so these are not for show. I have very little of my old angora fiber left…and I really enjoy spinning with the angora. I blended the last of my angora with our Cormo wool..about a 60/40 blend Cormo/angora. It’s lovely, but I miss spinning pure angora. I guess I was always responding on the post…I think I’m now responding through the email. So, I think you’ll have my email address, but just in case, it’s Thanks! Patricia

      • Awesome. Fawn is a color I am working with getting more of. Sadly I don’t have any chins right now. Black I usually have a lot of. I will let you know as they become available:) Thanks!

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