Animal Sales Policy

Emancipation Acres holds honesty in the highest regard. We only release animals to new homes that we feel are healthy and ready for the transition to a new home. The minimum ages for animals to go to new homes are as follows: rabbits-8 weeks, poultry-day olds, pigs-8 weeks, sheep-3 months. These ages are important to the health and safety of our stock.

We do not guarantee, or promise show wins, or awards with any of our animals. We will go over what we see as the strengths and weaknesses of each animal, and help you decide if they will fit into your breeding program. We will help you understand the genetic potential in terms of confirmation and genetics to the best of our abilities.

If you are buying a sheep or a pig your pedigree will be mailed to you by the breed association.

Poultry do not come with a pedigree.

If an animal becomes ill (doubtful!) within five days of being sold contact Emancipation Acres immediately. If we feel the illness was present before the animal left our care, a refund or exchange will be offered. If we feel the animals illness was caused by neglect, other animals on the new owner’s premise or owner error, a refund will not be offered. Emancipation Acres retains the right to make this judgement. Emancipation Acres will not reimburse travel expenses.

If weeks, months, or years down the road you are unable to care for your animal we will work with you to re-home them. If necessary, we will take an unwanted animal back into our care. Emancipation Acres retains the right to refuse to accept animals in ill-health or that appear, or may likely be ill with a contagious disease.

We love all out animals very much, and we hope you love them too! We will further answer questions to the best of our ability.



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