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We have had a mild December with barely enough snow to even mention, yet still I feel the winter blues kicking in. Once the snow starts falling I know it won’t be as bad, but watching everything gearing up for the big cold makes me want to find a place to hibernate. Lucky for me, I have lots of wooly and feathered friends to keep me company as well as a zillion plans and projects for next season.

Earlier in the month we added seven new Shetland ewes to our herd. (Pictures: All of them are a lot shyer than our original five which has taken some getting used to. My plan is to spend a lot of time with their lambs from day 1 and hopefully they will become as tame as our original five ewe lambs. Dawn is the friendliest of the bunch. She will eat grain out of my hand but won’t let me touch her. She waits in line patiently for a handful of grain unlike the ewe lambs, who spring into the air when the grain comes into view and don’t stop butting each other and jumping on everyone until it is put away.

Here is Dawn waiting patiently. Photographing sheep is even harder than photographing poultry, if such a thing is even possible.


Joel and I slaughtered geese a few weeks ago and it was a long, laborious, and cold experience. If you ever see duck or goose in the store and you question the price just know that waterfowl are a pain in the ass to process. Why don’t you just have them processed at a plant you ask? Well, the closest plant to us that processes waterfowl is 3 and a half hours away and the birds need to be there at 6AM.  Everyone else won’t process waterfowl because they know what a pain in the ass they are to pluck. On the bright side, we have humanely raised and slaughtered goose for what I dearly hope will be a delicious Christmas meal with my mom, sisters, and inlaws.


When it snows the chickens don’t come out of the barn. They stop on the outward bound ladder and back up slowly, all the while making the most mournful chicken sounds. This winter, when I wake up to snow, I think I will wake Joel up with my best imitations of those noises. I am sure he will be a fan of this plan.


Here are some necklaces I made. It was enjoyable to make them so I may need to make more as time permits. The camera makes them look a lot more shiny than they are.  All pictures are from a copy write free book for crafters.