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  1. I am interested in one of your French Angora’s. Where are you located? I heard about you on facebook from someone who lives in Washington so I am hoping that you are not too far away. I live in BC but I am coming to Spokane in April to pick up some Satin Angora rabbits from Sue Gower at Daisy Hill. I live in Vernon in the Okanagan, BC, Canada.

  2. Hi Erica,
    I was just checking out your great website! I sat by you at the chicken presentation in Paoli. It was nice to meet you! Hope to contact you about purchasing some meat. Thanks for answering my questions!
    – Sue Foley (Mt. Horeb)

  3. Hello,
    I am in the market to purchase an Angora Bunny for my daughter. We are very new in the bunny department but she loves things that are fuzzy and very good about taking care of her pets. She is 8 years old and has wanted a rabbit for a least three years. We live in Barneveld WI and wondering if you have any babies we can come look at?

  4. Love your web page You have the kind of farm I hope to build over the next couple of years. I have raised rabbits for a couple of decades but this is my first year with birds: chickens, ducks and geese.

    I am sure you hear this all the time but wish we lived closer together I am in WA state. Do you mind If I share your web address on my page, Its fare from how I would like it but just to busy to play on my web page I will probably work on it after Xmis.

  5. Hey I left a crazy long message on your blog so this is a repeat. I would like to get a couple of does. I am a spinner and have had angoras before in the long past . I am in Illinois, don’t care about color and am all set up for a nice life for the bunnies. Please let me know if I need to send a deposit or what ever and thanks katy murphy

  6. Carol Eugster

    Hi Iam interested in a 2013 ram lamb. Congrats on your first lambs.

  7. Alex Fitzgerald

    We’re in Madison and want your eggs. Do you sell your eggs in a grocery or market in or near Madison?

    • Hello Alex. We sell our eggs off farm by appointment only. Unfortunelty we do not have the volume to sell in a grocery store. We are working on getting a license to sell at the Farmers market but we do not yet have that license.

  8. No pics or breeding info on your kune kunes? I also just got one from Matt Burton.

  9. Looking to see if you sell duck eggs

  10. What’s your address? And may I come at anytime to buy some yummy fresh eggs? I would like to buy 3 dozen! And I’m interested to see what else you have! Saturday’s are best for me 😉

  11. What is your opinion about the differences between kunekune and guinea hog meat or even potbelly meat. Does it all taste the same?
    Matt K

  12. Kathleen Leader

    I am looking for Silver Appleyard Ducks. Do you sell them? I have 2 females and would like to start a flock. If you don’t would you know where I could find some? I am from Michigan.
    Thanks for the help.

  13. Jennifer Brattlie

    Hi Erica and Joel,

    My family has a silver fox blue buck that we are looking to get a mate for. We are wondering if you sell any of your silver fox rabbits.


  14. Looking for a female kuni kuni do u have any for sale call me at 847 738 9910my name is bob or email me. .

  15. AL correction 1 buck & 3 does thanks !

  16. Do you have Nigerian goats for sale. Tyler. 16089631120. Baraboo. WI

  17. Scott Gussick

    Is it possibly to come and get duck this weekend? I am looking for legs with thighs attached to make a confit.

  18. Sophia hoekstra

    Very interested in your pigs! Please contact me
    612 940 7766

  19. Hello. I am wondering where you are located?

  20. I am interested in buying 2 ewes. Do you have any available?