“Thanks Erica! It seems like he’s getting settled in. I don’t keep him caged at all. When we’re sleeping or not home he’s in our bathroom, which is pretty large, and only uses his cage as a litter box. When I’m home and working he’s in the study with me and a bunch of toys. We’re working on getting him litter trained with special boxes and he is definitely coming along! He gets groomed every day even though he keeps himself very clean. He seems very healthy and every day gets more “personality”–making sounds and being goofy and such. He gets a continuous supply of hay and about 1/3 cup of pellets a day. I’m going to wait until next month to introduce produce.

I do really want to thank you for letting me take home such a delightful pet! He’s so bright and inquisitive and playful. His coat is absolutely gorgeous and I can hardly wait to start spinning. And it was great to see that you raise the rabbits in such a natural, spacious environment – it’s exactly the kind of place I was hoping Mookie was born. I took some pictures of him today to send to my family and I’ll attach them if you’d like to see how he’s looking. In the first picture I was grooming his belly for so long (I try to be gentle and so it ends up taking a long time if there are any mats) that I think he started falling asleep, he was making little chewing sounds and his eyes were closed. The second picture is after his grooming.

Thanks again Erica! We love him so much. He started doing acrobatic stunts midway through this email – he must have known I was writing you. : )”
A picture of Mookie in his new home.


“Your eggs are the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen! I felt terrible cracking their beautiful shells, but was glad I did because they were also delicious!”

-Erica T

“Eggs from Joel and Erica are my favorite post workout meal – protein at its finest!”

-Teresa P.


” Thanks again for the wonderful hen.  The first night she was being a bit shy about coming into the coop.  My largest cochin, Phoebe, is also the lowest on the totem pole.  It looked like Phoebe was befriending the new girl.  Sure enough, I found them both snuggled together that night.  Too cute!  :)”

-Amanda (a veterinarian)

“I just wanted to say that the Delaware and Buff hens that I got from you are doing very well. The buff has been laying well and I’m pretty sure she’s now the boss of the little flock. The Delaware still isn’t laying but is the most curious chicken and has to investigate everything. She’s started to come over and jumping on my lap (I think really to warm up her toes). Its very endearing!

Thanks again”


“Thought I would let you know that everything is going wonderfully! The girls are very happy here.
I did want to let you know, Buffy is laying eggs daily and they are HUGE!!! The Chantie, who we are now calling Rock-A-Doodle, (shortened even more now to Doodle),  laid her first egg yesterday!
Thank you again for the hens, they are very happy and my landlord says they are very beautiful and very healthy looking birds.”

“Just wanted to give you a quick update on the girls.  All three made it here just fine.  There was some squabbling with the other hens – trying to get the pecking order figured out.  The Buckeye girl is now named Brownie, the little buff hen (who is so sweet) is now named Lily and we don’t have a name yet for the Wyandotte (we’ll have one before the weekend is done though).  The little buff hen was talking to us when she first was in the run area.  I was able to pick her up and our girls held her.  Are all of your buff hens like that?  She was just so sweet.  They are all in the coop now and settled down for the night.  Our girls are very excited and are looking forward to finding eggs soon – its like a reward to them for cleaning up the coop.

Thanks again,”
Rabbit Fiber
“Got the package today!!! The fiber is soooooo beautiful!  I also can’t wait to play with the extras!  I have grey romney with brown tips, and your brown with blonde tips look fun!  I never know what the resulting yarn/color will look like.  It’s like fiber Christmas.  AAAAAANNNNNDDDDD I had Navajo-Churro on my wish list to try!!!!!

Thank you so much for your time and I’ll take pictures when I use the fiber! :-)”



One response to “Feedback

  1. Hello again. I purchased the Buff and Chantie hens and both are wonderful! They both lay daily and are quite filled out now. On another note, the Chantie is now brooding and sitting on eggs! We may have babies!!! Not sure how many though, the other birds are laying in the nesting box when she gets up to eat. Another 2 weeks and we’ll know for sure if her first was fertile or not.


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