Kune Kune and American Guinea Hogs for Sale

AGH x KK Feeders available


Kune Kune feeders available – $150

Kune Kune Gilts available

Kune Kune Boar available- $500


14 responses to “Kune Kune and American Guinea Hogs for Sale

  1. My family and I are looking for a couple of Kune Kune x American Guinea Hog gilts to use as breeders. We would be interested in buying at least two gilts, but I was also wondering were you are located. I have looked on your website, but I was unsuccessful. I am located in North Central Arkansas, but we do not mind to drive long distances to purchase our animals. Thanks for your time, and if you don’t have any gilts for sale right now, we would be interested in the future.

  2. i am looking into buying pure breed kunekune piglets. how much do you charge for them? do you deliver?

  3. Hello! I live in the country outside of La Crosse and am very interested in two Kune Kune pigs as pets. Can you please let me know your pricing? Also what upcoming litters do you have? Thanks for your time!

  4. We are looking for a male and female guinea hog to breed with the 2 we have already. Do you have any piglets available? Ours are only 8 weeks right now.

  5. I am looking to start raising some pigs. Do you have any from different blood lines?

  6. Good morning! I have about 2 acres of land (possibly more) that I’m looking to fence this winter. In the spring and summer time it is overrun with weeds and I’m hoping to make something out of it instead of it just going to waste every year. I’m wondering if getting a few guinea hogs and kune kune would be a good idea. Maybe start my own little pig farm for breeding and what not. I just wanted some input from someone in the business whom I could maybe chat with and purchase from. Any advice would mean the world to me 🙂

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