Proven Ewes and Yearlings for Sale

Sheperdwoods Easter Skerry- proven ewe $200
Ester has contributed a lot to our flock. Her daughter from two years ago, Prija, just had her two lambs (one of which we are keeping).

Ester has twinned every year we’ve had her. She is friendly and enjoys people and being pet. She has a good staple length, good density, and good confirmation. When bred to a fine fleeced ram she consistently produces offspring with finer fleece then she herself has. Ester is seven years old.

Afd: 24.5 /SD 5.8/ cv 23.6/ cem 10.4/ cf 83.8



Under the Sun Senja $250
Senja is a three year old ewe that is solid black. I’ve currently got so much solid black in my flock I am willing to part with her. She is friendly and likes to be pet but takes some time to warm up to new people. Her fleece is one of the most dense in the entire flock. She is a solidly put together ewe.

Micron afd 29.2/ SD 5.6/ cv 19.3 / cem 9.2/cf 58.1




Emancipation Bethesda f2 Jamie $200

Bethesda is out of one of my favorite ewes that passed away last year, Sommarang Comfrey. I have two other daughters of Comfrey’s that I have retained and Beth is black and I am trying to maintain color diversity in the flock so selling a few black sheep.

Bethesda carries moorit and spots. She roos better than any other sheep in the flock, just like her daddy, White Pine Levi F1 Jamie. She is a bit hocky.

Micron afd 29.9/SD 7.3/cv 24.5/cem14.2/cf 57.4/sf mic 30





Sandy $200
Sandy is half Finn and have a mixture of things including Shetland, BFL and CVM. She is a real sweetie just like her mom. She has a lovely, soft fleece with bold crimp and a long staple. She would be perfect in a spinning flock.

Because she is half Finn she may have twins or triplets as Finns often have multiples.





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