Rabbits and Wool for Sale

Angora Rabbit Wool- $5 an ounce. Our angoras are raised in a colony where they are able to interact with each other and exercise. Angora rabbit wool blends nicely with other fibers. It is soft and exquisite, a true luxury fiber.

Available colors: black, white, fawn

Limited quantities of: blue


All rabbits are pedigreed French Angoras. The does are used to living together and could continue to live together if given proper space.

I have three litters in the nest box right now. Those that I am not keeping will be able to go to new homes in March.  Please like our facebook page to keep up to date with available kits. I currently have two people waiting for young rabbits from me. If you think you might be interested please email me to get on the reservation list. First on the list get first pick.


13 responses to “Rabbits and Wool for Sale

  1. I intrest of rabbit breeding for meet and wool but i dont have any detail about it canyou help me about it thanks

  2. I’m interested in a Angora Male, not altered. Please respond back.

  3. Either white or blue. When would they be ready to take home- approximately?

  4. how much 1 pair of gaint angora cost?
    And where to sale out their wool ?
    can you export them to other countries?

  5. do you have angora wool for sale at this time? Can you let me know colors and prices if you do?

  6. looking for a four angoras1 buck & 3 does want to supplement my retirement income contact AL

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