Shetland (American Livestock Breeds Conservatory- Watch)

Shetlands are an amazing breed. They hail from the Shetland Islands north of Scotland. Shetlands are hardy, good mothers, easy lambers, with amazing wool and delicious meat. Shetlands are slow growing and small. Rams don’t grow larger than 125 pounds, ewes are usually under 90 pounds. Shetlands are a perfect first sheep. They are docile with friendly dispositions. Many Shetlands will wag their tails when petted.

Sommarang Dawn, gray, katmoget, flecket. Dawn is very friendly. Her lambs have been great so far and she is a suburb mother.  Born 2006. Micron: 31.2, SD:5.9, CV:18.9, CEM:9.9 (grade three)

Shepherdwds Easter Skerry (on left), grey, katmoget. Friendly ewe, nice confirmation. Born 2009. Micron: 26.4, SD:6, CV:22.9, CEM:11.1 (grade 2)

Emancipation Inara, grey, katmoget. Best lamb of 2012. Good confirmation, nice looking fleece. Very friendly. Born 2012.

Emancipation Acres Katniss, moorit, yuglet. My second favorite lamb from 2012. Born with a dog coat but the crimp is coming in and it is crimpy and soft. Some what flighty like her mom, but will come over for pats. She knows her name. Born 2012.

Ok Acres Tina Turner, moorit. Tina is very soft, and so friendly. She is a Bug baby. Born 2012.

Little Country Bailey, fawn, katmoget. Her crimp falls off towards the britch but her friendly nature and good confirmation make up for it. Born 2010. Micron: 23.9, SD:4.1, CV:17.3, CEM:7.5 (grade 2)

River Oaks Freya, gulmoget. This girl has a beautiful sleek head. I am hoping for more gullie lambs from her.

Under the Son Sula, registered as a shaela, smirslet. Heads, socks, tail markings. Born 2012.

Under the Son Senja, black. Semi-friendly. Very soft. Good confirmation. Born 2012.

Little Country Crow


Emancipation Gretel

Emancipation Ostara

Emancipation Prija


Sheltering Pines Lotus Moon

Emancipation Cleo

Sheltering Pines Temperance

Firth of Fifth Sakadah

Emancipation Sandy Finn x cvm/shetland/BFL

Fiona and her daughter, Natasha (crossbreds)


14 responses to “Sheep

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  2. Do you have a page with your ram(s) on it?

  3. Right now I’m just curious, but I will keep your farm in mind for future purchases:) A friend of mine used Bug one year on her Shetlands. I have never seen him in person, but I have heard glowing reports about him. He seems to be a very nice ram, wished I could own one of such quality! LOL

  4. Juliann:) I got my first Shetlands from her. I’m still new to sheep, I’ve only had them since December. I too am breeding for polled Shetlands, so I’m really pleased I found your farm. But any ways, 6 out of 8 lambs I got this spring have Bug on their papers. (He is the grandsire to the lambs) The fleeces on these lambs are so nice!

    • Juliann has awesome sheep. My Levi babies won’t be related to yours and this year I am hoping to get one more ram so hopefully when you are ready I can help you add to the flock:) Do you have a website?

  5. I have a website, but its under construction. However, I do have a blog that is up and running, it is So these lambs would be from Levi?

  6. Ok!:) I currently have a ram I am planning to use for this fall, but if I were to purchase a ram lamb from you, what would be the price range? If you don’t have a ram you are already interested in, I do have 2 ram lambs from this spring. They are both white based with moorit spots. However, you may not be interested in them because they have Bug and Beetlejuice in their pedigrees…

    • Right now I have not evaluated ram lambs, I only had four purebreds born (out of 28) so I dont have many to choose from and don’t know if any will be breeding quality. I would love a white ram but want to get something totally unrelated to my current rams. Thank you so much for the offer.

  7. Not a prob:) Let me know when you elevate your ram lambs:)

  8. Hi Erica, I’m interested in hearing how the Flett Lines work for you. I have thought of AI’ing very fine fleeced ewes to Manson in the past, but have never actually done so.

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